Model Customization

In this tutorial you will learn how to do simple modifications to a model like changing a plugin property. This can be useful if you want to change the camera device to be used or want to change the key triggering a user action.

Open model

First you have to open the model. There are two ways to do this:

Model of Solutions

If you want to customize a model of the solutions page, click the Edit button of it. This opens the WebACS with the given model in a new browser tab.

Deployed Model

If the ARE is running, you can press F8 or click the Edit button button in the control panel. This opens the WebACS with the given model in a new browser tab.

Change Plugin Property

As soon as the model is opened, you can click onto a plugin to change it’s property values. A property is a configuration item to modify the behaviour of that plugin.

Screenshot of WebACS with steps for changing a property value

Change Property Value

  1. Click on plugin symbol
  2. Press F1 to read about supported properties and their values
  3. Click into the property editor (right panel)
  4. Change value

Test Change

  1. Connect to ARE
  2. Upload Model
  3. Start Model


Now you know how to change a property value of a plugin, to learn how to create a new model, try the model creation tutorials. If you want to know more about the WebACS or ACS, check the respective manuals.