AsTeRICS eye controlled mouse


Mouse control (moving mouse cursor, clicking and dragging) by eye movements.


By moving the eyes up/down or left/right the mouse cursor should move accordingly. A left click is performed by dwelling (stopping movement and waiting for some time). To do a right, double or drag click select the respective button in the ARE GUI and move the cursor to the location where the click should be performed at.


Start Model

  1. Start AsTeRICS Runtime Environment (ARE)
    • Windows: ARE.exe


  • Settings

    You can adjust the many settings below and save them as default for the next ARE start.

    Mouse Movement

    1 500


    1 20

    1 5000

    Mouse Activation

    Imagine to divide the screen into 4 quadrants. Those can be used to define a mouse activation pattern similar to a smartphone unlock pattern. A pattern of 1,2,4,3 requires to look at the quadrant 1,2,4,3 in the specified order to activate mouse movement.

    Quadrant offsets


    Click on screen quadrants to create a mouse activation pattern.

    1 2 3 4 Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.

    Switch Inputs

    Button Actions

    On-Screen Keyboard

    Install an On-Screen Keyboard of your choice and enter the path of the executable here.


    • osk.exe: Windows default On-Screen Keyboard.
    • OptiKey: On-Screen Keyboard optimized for Eyetracking.
    • Staggered Speech: On-Screen Keyboard from Boston College.
    • Midas Touch: On-Screen Keyboard from Boston College.

    Button Labels

    Major Plugins

    Edit Model

    Open in WebACS

    Source Repository

    You can fork and modify this repository.