Create Customized Low-Cost Assistive Technologies for People with Disabilities.

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# Use Cases

Control your computer by switches, head movements or eyetracking, depending on your capabilities.

Switch on/off lights or control your TV and stereo.

Create your own communication grid and use it on all your devices.

Emulate mouse, keyboard or joystick for playing games or remote control toy helicopters or cars.

Generate sounds or play adapted music instruments.

# Why AsTeRICS?

There are many Assistive Technologies available on the market, but in many cases they are too expensive or not suitable for a certain combination of disabilities.


  • provides support for many consumer devices which can be used as input devices (e.g. switches, eye-tracker, webcam, …).
  • let’s you combine several input devices depending on your capabilities (e.g. 2 switches + 1 eye-tracker).
  • provides support for many use cases (e.g. computer control, environmental control).
  • has more than 160 plugins.
  • allows easily customizing existing solutions or designing new ones.
  • is Open Source, which means that it is free forever and others can contribute to the framework.

# Partners & Funding

The AsTeRICS project was funded by international and national research grants. AsTeRICS was initiated by KI-I Linz and the UAS Technikum Wien. The creation of this web page was funded by the City of Vienna, MA23, in course of the project StudyATHome Internationally (Grant Nr. 22-07). In Feb. 2017 the AsTeRICS Foundation was founded to bring the project results to people with disabilities, to organize workshops and to maintain project results, see About Us.

# AsTeRICS Project Web Page

This is a newly created web page to present AsTeRICS technologies and corresponding documentation. If you are looking for the web page of the original AsTeRICS project, please go to

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