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Here you can find a selection of solutions that can be used directly or as a starting point for a customization. Please read the Get Started section first, to know more about AsTeRICS and solutions.

The solutions are grouped by use cases and can be directly started from this page. Some solutions depend on certain input devices or other hardware and software. Just click onto the Read More button to get a detailed step by step instruction of how to install and use it.


  1. Start the ARE program on your computer
  2. Click onto Start

No Firefox

Starting a solution directly from this page is currently not supported with Firefox. Please use Chrome in between.

If you want to customize a solution, click onto Edit or go to Customize to learn how to do that.

Computer Control

Camera Mouse

Mouse control according to your head movements with configurable settings. Read More

Eye Tracking Mouse

Mouse control by eye tracking with configurable settings. Read More

Switch-controlled Mouse

Provides mouse control using AT switches. Read More


Basic AAC Grid

Basic communication and simple on-screen keyboard with speech synthesis. Read More

Occupational Therapy

Sounds by Head Movement

Creates sounds according to head movement. Read More

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