# Model Customization

In this tutorial you will learn how to do simple modifications to a model like changing a plugin property. This can be useful if you want to change the camera device to be used or want to change the key triggering a user action.

# Open model

First you have to open the model. There are two ways to do this:

# Model of Solutions

If you want to customize a model of the solutions page, click the Edit button of it. This opens the WebACS with the given model in a new browser tab.

# Deployed Model

If the ARE is running, you can press F8 or click the Edit button button in the control panel. This opens the WebACS with the given model in a new browser tab.

# Change Plugin Property

As soon as the model is opened, you can click onto a plugin to change it’s property values. A property is a configuration item to modify the behaviour of that plugin.

Screenshot of WebACS with steps for changing a property value

# Change Property Value

  1. Click on plugin symbol
  2. Press F1 to read about supported properties and their values
  3. Click into the property editor (right panel)
  4. Change value

# Test Change

  1. Connect to ARE
  2. Upload Model
  3. Start Model

# Conclusion

Now you know how to change a property value of a plugin, to learn how to create a new model, try the model creation tutorials. If you want to know more about the WebACS or ACS, check the respective manuals.