# Other Use Cases and Information

# Complete AsTeRICS User Manual

Here you can find the .pdf version of the original UserManual (opens new window) with more comprehensive information about:

  • the model creation process
  • more use cases and demo models (e.g. game accessibility and utilizing bioelectric signals)
  • hardware interfacing options
  • short overview on important plugins

(Please note that this manual is not constantly updated and might contain outdated information).

# DIY Guides

Here you can find some DIY-guides (opens new window) for HW and SW solutions using AsTeRICS, including:

  • using AsTeRICS, an Arduino microcontroller and a pressure sensor for building a sip-and-puff device
  • building a proximity switch
  • building a head-mounted eye-tracker
  • building an EOG sensor
  • mouse/keyboard/joystick emualtion (eg. for play station control) with the HID-actuator
  • and more!