# Translation of AsTeRICS Grid

AsTeRICS Grid supports multiple application- and communication grid languages. The standard gridset is already available in several languages, and the number of supported languages for the application user interface is growing as well! In order to change the current language, choose “Settings” and select the desired Application Language or Grid Content Language.

We are constantly working on translations and we are thankful for your support!

There are generally two possibilities for a translation to other/new languages:

# 1) Translation of the application (the captions, user interface etc.)

This works via the online service CrowdIn, please visit: https://crowdin.com/project/asterics-grid (opens new window)

  • Create a user/log in
  • Select the new language and click on “Translate all”:
  • In a stepwise process, translate all the captions, messages and menu items (you may use suggested words and phrases by CrowdIn which makes the job much easier!)

# 2) Translation of the content:

AsTeRICS Grid can offer multilingual as well as monolingual standard gridsets (templates that can be imported). The current template is multilingual, but many templates will be monolingual because there are often linguistic/cultural differences, which are not only reflected in other words, but also in other images or other structure of the grid elements. So the question is, if you want to translate the current default (multilingual) gridset or if you want to create your own gridset for their language.

# translate current default gridset:

  • create a new offline user so that nothing else is changed in the grids.
  • Use “Edit -> more -> Translate grid” to translate all grids to the target language
  • Create a backup with the new language via "Manage grids -> more -> Export backup as file*
  • Send the file to office@asterics-foundation.org and we can add this translation for the default gridset!

# create new default gridset with with specific changes for the new language:

  • Set the correct content language under “Settings”:
  • Adjust configuration as you like, how it works best for the desired language can also be something completely different than the current standard gridset
  • “Manage grids -> More -> save custom data to file” and here select:
  • Send the file to office@asterics-foundation.org and we can offer it as new default gridset!

You can also watch the video tutorial about gridset translation (opens new window) (use auto-translation of subtitles, as this is a german video!)