# General Settings

Screenshot: Options Dialog, General Settings

Options Dialog, General Settings

  • Reset Window Arrangement resets all layout settings to default values.
  • Language gives the possibility to select the ACS language between English, German, Spanish and Polish. The properties of the components will not be affected by this, as they are dependent on the component description. After changing the language, a restart of the ACS is required for the changes to take effect.
  • Connection Data is responsible for the connection of the ACS with the ARE. The Host contains the IP-address of the ARE, the Port its IP-port. Default port is 9090. If Detect ARE automatically is selected, the host information will be ignored and the ACS tries to find the ARE in the network. If more then one ARE will be detected in the network, an ARE selection dialog will appear. Connection Timeout sets time network timeout time (in milliseconds). If the ARE is not reacting after this time, the connection to the ARE will be closed.
  • ARE Status Update enables or disables an automatic update of the ARE status. This status update works while the ACS is in run-mode. The Update Frequency sets the time between two status updates (in milliseconds).
  • Automatic Backup Files creates a backup file during each Save File process. The backup file gets the ending .backup.