# Tools and libraries

This chapter is about tools, libraries and technologies that are used in AsTeRICS Grid project:

  1. Tools
  2. Javascript libaries

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# Tools

This section is about tools that are used for development, dependency management and releasing.

# Node package manager (npm)

The node package manager (npm) (opens new window) is used for managing Javascript dependencies and running various tasks related to the project. The npm configuration file is package.json (opens new window).

# npm dependencies

The configuration file package.json (opens new window) includes the key dependencies which include dependencies that are used in order to run AsTeRICS Grid:

The other listed dependencies are Javascript libraries.

# npm dev-dependencies

The configuration file package.json (opens new window) includes the key dev-dependencies which include dependencies that are used for development of AsTeRICS Grid. These are the most important ones:

# Webpack

Webpack (opens new window) is used in order to bundling the Javascript sources to a single and minified bundle file. The configuration file for webpack is webpack.config.js (opens new window). It may seem complicated at first sight, but basically it’s configuring 3 things:

  1. Bundling of all sources from the src/ folder to one minified file in app/build/ and app/build_lecagy. This bundling is configured by the two objects configNormal and configLegacy that are returned at the end of the script.
  2. Generating the appcache.manifest file for offline support. This is done by using the appcache-webpack-plugin (opens new window) and listing all needed resources in it’s configuration.
  3. Configuring the development webserver: this is done by the property object returned in the function getDevServer()

# Javascript libraries

This section is about Javascript libraries that are used within the AsTeRICS Grid project. They can be found in two locations:

  1. As dependency listed within dependencies in the package.json (opens new window) configuration file
  2. As external library included in the app/lib/ folder (opens new window)

These are the Javascript libraries that are used:

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