# FolderBrowser

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: File System)

The FolderBrowser component allows to browse and select files in a given folder or subfolders of it. The navigation can be controlled by events.

Screenshot: FolderBrowser plugin

The FolderBrowser plugin block element of the ACS.

# Properties

  • initialFolder [string]: The initial folder to start browsing.
  • wrapAround [boolean]: If true, the browsing is wrapped around after the last entry.
  • exitInitialFolder [boolean]: If true, the initial folder may be exited.
  • autoListFiles [boolean]: Automatically output files when entering the folder.
  • noFolderMessage [string]: Message to be sent to the folderName port if no subfolder is available.
  • noFileMessage [string]: The message to be sent to the fileNames port, if no file is available.

# Event Listener Description

  • next: Got to the next folder in current directory
  • previous: Go to the previous folder in current directory
  • enter: Enter current folder
  • exit: Exit current folder
  • current: Output current folder
  • listFiles: Lists files in current folder

# Output Port Description

  • folderName [string]: The name of the current folder (without path).
  • folderPath [boolean]: The name of the current folder (including path)
  • fileNames [boolean]: The names of the files in current folder.
  • filePaths [boolean]: The names of the files in current folder (including path)