# PhilipsHueSensor

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: Home Control)

The PhilipsHueSensor component provides an interface to the motion sensor and dimmer switch of the Philips Hue smart lighting system (opens new window).

One instance of this plugin can fire events for one specified Philips Hue sensor.

Screenshot: PhilipsHue plugin

# Requirements

  • A Philips Hue hardware Bridge
  • A Philips Hue Sensor (a dimmer switch or a motion sensor)

# Initial Setup

See the PhilipsHue actuator plugin documentation for detailed instructions.

# Output Port Description

  • currentState [string]: This port periodically returns the state the target sensor. The polling rate can be set via the updateRate property (in milliseconds).

# Event Trigger Description

  • statusChanged: fires when the configure sensor changes its status (buttons pressed, motion detected, battery charge, etc.)
  • tick: fires for each tick (depends on updateRate property)
  • motionDetected: fires once presence is detected (motion sensor only)
  • dimmerButtonOn: fires if the first button is pressed (dimmer switch only)
  • dimmerButtonBrighter: fires if the second button is pressed (dimmer switch only)
  • dimmerButtonDarker: fires if the third button is pressed (dimmer switch only)
  • dimmerButtonOff: fires if the last button is pressed (dimmer switch only)

# Properties

  • apiKey [string]: API key for the REST API of the bridge
  • ip [string]: IP address of the bridge
  • target [string]: sensor that should be used as input in the form /sensors/<id>
  • updateRate [integer]: polling rate for currentState and the event triggers
    • value in milliseconds
    • the lower this value is, the faster you will be notified of changes
    • don’t set this too low or the bridge might slow down (500 milliseconds is a good compromise)