# SignalGenerator

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: Simulation)

The SignalGenerator component can generate several output waveforms for component tests or other purposes like timing or event generation. Available waveforms are sine, sawtooth, rectangle and random signal data.

Screenshot: SignalGenerator plugin

SignalGenerator plugin

# Output Port Description

  • out [double]: The generated waveform is provided at this port.

# Properties

  • sendInterval [integer]: This value specifies the output rate in milliseconds. Please note that the output rate has to be fast enough to assemble the selected output frequency. For example if a frequency of 2 Hz is set, the send_interval should not be greater than 125 milliseconds according to the sample theorem.
  • waveForm [integer]: The waveform types random, sine, sawtooth and rectangle can be selected.
  • frequency [double]: The frequency of the output signal in Hertz.
  • amplitude [double]: The amplitude of the output signal.
  • phaseShift [double]: The output signal is phase-shifted by this value (in milliseconds).
  • offset [double]: Amplitude-offset of the output signal (this value is added to each generated waveform value).