# HoverPanel

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: Graphical User Interface)

This component creates a panel window with selectable opacity which can be placed anywhere on the screen/desktop. No window decoration is used. The plugin provides x/y input port for coordinates and the panel reacts if these coordinates are located within the panel. Via a selectable hover time, events can be triggered if the coordinates stay within the panel for a given time. Note that the hoverPanel represents a seperate window and is not a child window of the ARE window.

Screenshot: HoverPanel plugin

HoverPanel plugin

Screenshot: 2 HoverPanels on screen

2 HoverPanels on screen

# Input Port Description

  • x [integer]: x coordinate
  • y [integer]: y coordinate

# Event Listener Description

  • activate: activates the hover panel.
  • deactivate: deactivates the hover panel.

# Event Trigger Description

  • selected: triggered if coordinates are in range of the panel position for the hover time period.
  • enter: triggered if coordinates enter the range/location of the panel.
  • exit: triggered if coordinates exit the range/location of the panel.

# Properties

  • dataSource [integer, combobox selection]: If “mouse coursor” is selected, the coordinates are grabbed from the current position of the mouse cursor. If “coordinateInputs” is selected, the input ports (x/y) are used.

  • caption [string]: The caption of the hover panel.

  • fontSize [integer]: The size of the caption text.

  • textColor [integer]: Defines color of the caption text.

  • backgroundColor [integer]: Defines background color.

  • activationColor [integer]: Defines color for the hover selection process.

  • dwellTime [integer]: The hover time for a selection.

  • idleTime [integer]: The time how long the panel will stay inactive after a selection.

  • opacity [integer]: the opacity of the hver panel (0-100%).

  • stayActive [boolean]: If selected, the hover panel will remain in active state after a selection (deactivation via event).