# LineReader

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: File System)

This component reads lines from a text file and sends them to an output port. The line reading can be triggered by an incoming event.

Screenshot: LineReader plugin

ButtonGrid plugin

# Input port Description

  • skipLines (integer): When an integer number is received at this port, the component tries to skip this number of lines. The next line will be read from the resulting position.

# Output port Description

  • actLine (string): A line of text which has been read from the file (as line termination character, the “enter”-key (\n) is used.

# Event Listener Description

  • readNextLine: When this event is triggered, the component tries to read one line of text from the file and sends it to the output port.
  • resetToFirstLine: When this event is triggered, the internal file pointer is reset ot the beginning of the file.

# Event Trigger Description

  • endOfFile: This event is fired when no line can be read from the file (file end or other error occurred)

# Properties

  • fileName [string]: The full path and file name of the text file to read. The path can be given as absolute path or relative to the ARE executable’s directory