# TobiTic

Component Type: Sensor (Subcategory: Bioelectric Measurement)

The Tobi TiC plugin allows obtaining data from a connection to the Tobi Framework (opens new window) (Tools for Brain Computer Interaction). Tobi defined standard for BCI interfaces, e.g. beteween classification and actuator modues. Tobi supports a wide range of biosignal and EEG acquisition devices. The TiC interface is dedicated to transfer classifier results to actuators. This plugin implements a simple TiC reader via a TCP socket. Up to 5 TOBI class labels can be defined which will be used to extract values from incoming TiC-compatible xml messages. These class labels and the sever socket which is openend by the plugin can be defined viy plugin properties.

Screenshot: Tobi TiC plugin

Tobi TiC plugin

# Requirements

TiC-compatible messages must be sent to the server port which is opened by the plugin.

Screenshot: Internal strcuture of a TOBI iC message

Internal structure of a TOBI iC message

# Example iC message:

example TOBI iC message

Example TOBI iC message

# Output Port Description

  • **value1 - value5 [double]😗*these are the output ports for the Tobi class values. Up to 5 signals can be sent

# Properties

  • tcpPort [integer]: the TCP port which is opened by the AsTeRICS plugin to wait for the Tobi connection
  • classLabel1 - classLabel5 [string]: the classLabels to extract values from the Tobi TiC messages. Values will be directed to the corresponding output ports of the plugin.