# AndroidPhoneControl

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: Phone Interface)

This component controls a mobile phone with Android operating system through the TCP/IP connection. Currently this component is able to perform such action as: call a remote phone, drop a phone call, send and receive SMS message.

Screenshot: AndroidPhoneControl plugin

# Requirements

Android phone running AsTeRICSPhoneServer application.

# Input Port Description

  • phoneID [string]: The phone number used for outgoing SMS and make phone calls.
  • SMSContent [string]: The SMS content which will be used for the send SMS action.
  • command [string]: String command that can be sent to this component from other plugins to trigger phone actions. Currently supported commands are:
    • @PHONE: SMS:Phone_ID, “Message_content”
    • @PHONE: SMS
    • @PHONE: CALL: Phone_ID
    • @PHONE: CALL
    • @PHONE: DROP
    • @PHONE: SET_ID: Phone_ID
    • @PHONE: SET_SMS: “Message_content”

# Output Port Description

  • remotePhoneID [string]: This is a phone number of the caller or SMS sender.
  • receivedSMS [string]: This is the content of the incoming SMS.
  • errorNumber [integer]: The number of the error.

# Event Listener Description

  • sendSMS: Sends the SMS message.
  • makePhoneCall: Makes the phone call.
  • acceptPhoneCall: Accepts the incoming phone call.
  • dropPhoneCall: Drops the phone call.

# Event Trigger Description

  • idleState: Phone is in the idle state.
  • ringState: Phone is in the ring state.
  • connectedState: Phone is connected with the remote phone.
  • newSMS: There is a new SMS.
  • error: An error occurred.

# Properties

  • connectionType [integer]: Defines connection type for the plugin: client or server.
  • IP [string]: IP of the remote server used in the client mode.
  • port [integer]: TCP/IP port of the service.
  • defaultPhoneID [string]: Default phone number for outgoing SMS and phone calls.

Preparation of the connection with Android Phone.