# Osc Out Client

Component Type: actuator (Subcategory: Communication)

The OscOutClient plugin enables the ARE to broadcast messages using the OpenSoundControl (OSC) protocol. This plugin utilizes the NetUtil java library (http://www.sciss.de/netutil/) for the OSC implementation, it is ©opyrighted 2004-2011 by Hanns Holger Rutz and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Screenshot: OscServer plugin

OscOutClient plugin

# Requirements

  • Nothing, works sand-alone within ARE
  • Check your firewall configuration and network settings to ensure that OSC messages are not blocked.

# Functional Description

The OscOutClient collects data form the inputs CH1-4 and assamble it to one OSC message with 4 arguments. The address for the OSC channel is set by the property AddressCh1. Furthermore the plugin has a StringIN input port. If the plugin receives a string it broadcast one OSC message with one string argument. The address for the string OSC channel is set by the property AddressStringCh.

# Input Port Description

  • CH[1-4] [double]: Input port for the data, eg. a oszilloscope or any other double value.

# Properties

  • Port [integer]: This value specifies the OscOutClient port.
  • PeerAddress [string]: Specifies the IP where the OSC server is listening.
  • AddressCH1 [string]: This value specifies the OSC data output address e.g. “/path/to/receiver/accxyz”.
  • AddressStringCh [string]: This value specifies the OSC string output address.

# Referred Plugins

  • OscServer
  • OpenVibe
  • OscGestureFollower