# LineWriter

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: File System)

This component writes lines from an input port to a text file.

Screenshot: LineWriter plugin

ButtonGrid plugin

# Input port Description

  • actLine (string): an incoming string is stored into the text file.

# Properties

  • fileName [string]: The full path and file name of the text file to be written. The path can be given as absolute path or relative to the ARE executable’s directory
  • addTimeToFileName [boolean]: If selected, a timestamp will be added to the filename, to avoid overwriting files
  • titleCaption [string]: if not empty, this string parameter will be used as first line in the file (e.g. to create table caption in a csv file)
  • timestamp [integer, combobox selection]: The type of timestamp which will be added befor each line (currently either “no timestamp” or “milliseconds” can be chosen).
  • lineEndMark [integer, combobox selection]: The type of line end marker which will be added to each line (currently either “systemDefault”, “newline” or “carriage-return + newline” can be chosen).
  • append [boolean]: if selected, the lines will be appended to an existing file.