# WriteCSV

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: File System)

This plugin writes incoming strings into an .csv file.

The data gets live recorded, so it can be viewed simultaneously in an oscilloscope.

Screenshot: WriteCSV plugin


# Event Listener Description

  • StartWriting: Creates a new file to save the data.
  • StopWriting: Stops a saving process.

# Input port Description

  • Input[string]: The string contains the data. Example of one string: “data1;data2;data3”. To get data values and separators into this string, the StringExpander plugin can be used. After each string, a line separator (newline) is appended.

# Properties

  • FileName[string]: Specifies the name of the file (without extension), in which the data will be recorded. Current date and time information are added to the filename.
  • FilePath[string]: Defines the Path were the File shoud be saved (relative from the ARE folder). If not existing, the path will be created.