# DialogBox

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: Graphical User Interface)

Creates a popup dialog box with configurable text message and button texts. Can be used to inform the user or get user input.

# Requirements

No special requirements.

# Input Port Description

  • setText [string]: Updates the text to be displayed.

# Properties

  • caption [string]: The caption of the window.
  • text [string]: the text message of the dialog box
  • alwaysOnTop [boolean]: if true, dialog stays on top, no matter if other windows are put to front.
  • messageType [integer]: the message type of the dialog box, one of: plain,information,question,warning,error
  • buttonText[1-5] [string]: The button text

# Event Listener Description

  • displayBox: Displays the dialog box.
  • hideBox: Disposes the dialog box.

# Event Triggerer Description

  • button[1-5]: Button[1-5] pressed