# EasyHomeControl

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: Home Control)

With the EasyHomeControl, commands for the EasyHome house automation system can be sent over the PCS device sold by ELV electronics. See the EasyHome homepage (opens new window) for details.

# Requirements

The EasyHome sender must be attached to the system!

Picture of the EasyHome sender

Picture of the EasyHome switch

Picture of the EasyHome dimmer

# Supported OSes

  • Windows (x86, x64)
  • Linux (x86, x64, ARM - (Raspberry Pi))
  • macOS X (x86, x64)

# Troubleshooting problems under Win8/Win8.1

Under Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, there can be problems concering the operation of the EasyHome device: If the red control led stays stays dark eaven if a command is send and the EasyHome sender cannot be used, the reason could be that the power management settings on Win8/8.1 switch the device off per default - this can be changed by applying the following steps:

  • Open the Device Manager (usually can be selected by right-clicking at the bottom left corner of your windows desktop)
  • Open the device group “Human Interface Devices”
  • Locate the device which pops up when you insert or remove the EasyHome module to/from an USB port It should be a “HID compliant supplier defined device”. You can distinguish different devices by right-clicking a device and looking into rider “details” and “properites” - there you can find the VID and PID values, e.g. under property “last known parent”
  • Note the VID and PID values. For example if you see a line like "USB\\VID_1B1F&PID_C00F\\EEE0000473" the values are VID:1B1F and PID:C00F
  • Press the Windows-Key and “R” to open the command window. Type “regedit” and press enter
  • Select the entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" > "SYSTEM" > "CurrentControlSet" > "Enum" > "USB".
  • In this list, select the entry for the EasyHome device (given by VID und PID you noted)
  • Open the Subfolder “Device Paramteters” and double click the property “EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled” which appears in the right window section
  • Change the property value from 1 to 0 and commit by clicking “OK”
  • Restart you PC - now hopefully the EasyHome works as intended.

# Udev rules Linux

You must run the ARE as root for being able to access the device. Alternatively you can define a udev rule (opens new window)

# Event Listener Description

See table below for a list of all commands that can be triggered

Command ID
OffDevice1-15 0
OnDevice1-15 1

To dim the light you have to sent an on signal when the light is already turned on.

# Properties

  • nameDevice [string]: Set the device name.
  • numberDevice [integer]: Set the number of the device. The number must be the same if the shwitches shoud akt synchronized