# Phone Control

Component Type: Actuator (Subcategory: Phone Interface)

This component controls a mobile phone with Windows Mobile operating system (v. 5.0 and above) through a Bluetooth connection. Currently supported functions are: Calling a phone number and accepting an incoming call, sending and receiving SMS messages. These functions can either be triggered by incoming events or by sending string commands to the phone plugin.

Screenshot: PhoneControl plugin

PhoneControl plugin

# Requirements

A Phone running Windows Mobile, a Bluetooth dongle or Bluetooth HW support, Microsoft Bluetooth stack active. AsTeRICS Phone server application running on the mobile phone.

# Input Port Description

  • phoneID [string]: This is the phone number which will be used for actions like: send SMS, make phone call.
  • SMSContent [string]: This is the SMS content which will be used for sending SMS action.
  • command [string]: String command that can be sent to this component from other plugins to trigger phone actions. Currently supported commands are:
    • @PHONE: SMS:Phone_ID, “Message_content”
    • @PHONE: CALL: Phone_ID
    • @PHONE: DROP

# Output Port Description

  • remotePhoneID [string]: This is a phone number of the caller or SMS sender.
  • receivedSMS [string]: This is the content of the incoming SMS.
  • errorNumber [integer]: The number of the error.

# Event Listener Description

  • sendSMS: Sends SMS.
  • makePhoneCall: Makes the phone call.
  • acceptPhoneCall: Accepts the incoming phone call.
  • dropPhoneCall: Drops the phone call.
  • reconnect: Reconnects the phone.

# Event Trigger Description

  • idleState: Phone is in the idle state.
  • ringState: Phone is in the ring state.
  • connectedState: Phone is connected with the remote phone.
  • newSMS: There is a new SMS.
  • error: The error occurs.

# Properties

  • defaultPhoneID [string]: This is a default phone number, which will be used for send SMS and make phone call actions.
  • bluetoothPhoneName [string]: This is a Bluetooth name of the phone which the component will connect.
  • port [integer]: This is a Bluetooth port number.