# Audio Selector

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Audio and Voice)

This plug-in manages the audio tracks present in the data/music folder and different external request working as an interface with the wavefileplayer plug-in

Screenshot: AudioSelector plugin

AudioSelector plugin

# Requirements

To work along with wavefileplayer plug-in.

# Output Port Description

  • TrackName [string]: of the Track to be played. Supports value suggestions from ARE (dynamic property)

# Event Listener Description

  • StartStop: Togle between play stop state request.
  • NextTrack: Play next track request.
  • VolumeUp: Put the volume up request.
  • VolumeDown: Put the volume down request.

# Event Trigger Description

  • Play: Play Track Request.
  • Pause: Stop Track Requests.
  • VolumeUp: Volume Up request.
  • VolumeDown: Volume Down Request.