# ComPort

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Communication)

The ComPort plugin can be used to send and receive data from serial devices (e.g. microcontrollers/embedded devices/wireless links etc.) via a COM port or virtual COM port. The plugin provides support for different data formats of serial communication, e.g. string or binary

Screenshot: COMPort plugin

COMPort plugin

# Input Port Description

  • send [string]: string which will be sent to the microcontroller / embedded module

# Output Port Description

  • received [string]: string which has been received (was sent from the microcontroller / embedded module)

# Event Listener Description

  • enablePlugin: Enables the functionality of this plugin.
  • disablePlugin: Disables the functionality of this plugin. Any open COM port is closed and no new values are received.

# Properties

  • enabled [boolean]: If true (default), the plugin is enabled, if false the plugin does nothing and doesn’t attempt to open the given COM port.
  • ComPort [string]: Defines the COM Port of the target serial device. e.g. COM0
  • BaudRate [integer]: Defines the Baudrate for the communication. It must match the baudrate of the target device
  • **ReceivedDataType [combobox selection]😗*can be used to indicate other data type like binary integer type etc. (currently, only string is supported)
  • **SendDataType [combobox selection]😗*can be used to indicate data type for sending (currently, string is supported and a selectable termination character can be added)