# Filter

# Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: DSP and Feature Detection)

This plugin implements a FIR Filter

Screenshot: Filter plugin

Filter plugin

# Input Port Description

  • Input [double]: The signal to be filtered.

# Output Port Description

  • Output [double]: The filtered signal.
  • SignalPower [double]: Signal Power on the band pass.

# Properties

  • Order [integer]: Order of the filter. It is recommended to use orders around the sampling rate.

  • CutoffFreq1 [double]: Cutoff frequecy for low and high pass filter types. In case of band pass filters it is the low cutoff frequency of the band.

  • CutoffFreq2 [double]: In case of band pass filters it is the high cutoff frequency of the band.

  • SamplingRate [integer]: Sampling rate of the input signal.

  • Type [integer]: Type of filter (low, high or band pass filter).

  • SignalPowerUpdateRate [integer]: Update ratio for the SignalPower output port. The SignalPower output port provides a new value every time the Output port has provided N values, where N is the value of this property.

  • SignalPowerBufferSize [integer]: Length of the buffer that keeps the filtered signal that is used to compute the power of the signal.