# ConstantDispatcher

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Basic Math)

This component sends double values from the chosen slot.

Screenshot: ConstantDispatcher plugin

ConstantDispatcher plugin

# Input Port Description

  • slotDispatch [integer]: Sends the value from the slot defined by number.

# Output Port Description

  • output [double]: The port for the output value.

# Event Listener Description

  • dispatchSlot1…dispatchSlot20 : Sends the double value from the slot: 1…20.
  • dispatchNextSlot: Sends double value from the next slot.
  • dispatchPreviousSlot: Sends double value from the previous slot.
  • dispatchSlotSeries: Sends slots values in sequence from slot 1 to slot defined by the Number property with the delay defined by the Delay property.

# Properties

  • number [integer]: Number of used slots.
  • delay [integer]: Delay in ms used in sequence slot dispatch.
  • slot1…slot20 [double]: The slot for the value: 1…20.
  • autosendSlot [integer]: Number of slot which is automatically sent at start (0=disable).