# Blink Detector Trainer

# Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: DSP and Feature Detection)

This component calculates the maxThreshold, minThreshold, BlinkLength and DoubleBlinkSeparation customized properties of the Blink Detector plugin for each specific subject. For a description of the meaning of these properties, please see Blink Detector. The training of the system consists on asking the subject to follow a protocol. This protocol consists on a series of 5 simple blinks and 5 double blinks. Note that the subject can perform only one simple (or double) blink each time the protocol indicates so through its Protocol port. When the protocol finishes, the results show up through the Results output port.

Screenshot: Blink Detector Trainer plugin

Blink Detector plugin

# Requirements

The input signal shall correspond to a 250-Hz sampled electro-oculogram signal, i.e., an output port of the Enobio component when the corresponding electrode is placed on the user’s forehead.

# Input Port Description

  • input [integer]: Input values that correspond to a 250-Hz sampled electro-oculogram signal.

# Output Port Description

  • Protocol [string]: Actions to be performed by the user. Note that the user must perform just one blink (or double blink) each time the corresponding message is delivered through this port.
  • Results [string]: Final parameters calculated for the specific subject. They will delivered when the protocol has finished.

# Event Listener Description

  • StartProtocol [integer]: Starts the training protocol. The actions to be performed by the subject will be delivered through the Protocol port.
  • StopProtocol: Stops the training protocol.

# Properties

  • sampleRate [integer]: Sample rate of the input signal in Hertz.
  • language [list]: Language of the messages thrown through the Protocol port while the protocol is running. The user can chose English or Spanish.