# EventCounter

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Event and String Processing)

This component counts events. It can increase and decrease a counts via incoming events.

Screenshot: EventCounter plugin

EventCounter plugin

# Input Port Description

  • setValue [integer]: Sets the event counter to the incoming value. Note that this value is not propagated to the output port (to avoid loops).

# Output Port Description

  • output [integer]: Sends the number of events.

# Event Listener Description

  • increase: Increases the number of events.
  • decrease: Decreases the number of events.
  • resetToZero: Sets the event counter to zero.
  • resetToInitial: Sets the event counter to the initial value (property).
  • sendNow: sendes the current value of the counter to the output port

# Properties

  • mode [integer]: Defines counting mode:

  • no limit: The component counts events without any limitation.

  • limit maximum: In this mode, the maximum value of the counter is limited by the maxValue property.

  • limit minimum: In this mode, the minimum value of the counter is limited by the minValue property.

  • limit minimum and maximum: In this mode, both maximum and minimum values of the counter are limited by the maxValue amd minValue properties.

  • minValue [integer]: Defines the minimum value of the counter.

  • maxValue [integer]: Defines the maximum value of the counter.

  • initialValue [integer]: Defines the initial value of the counter.

  • wrapAround [boolean]: if selected and the appropriate mode is set, exceeding the maximum value will wrap to the minimum value and vice versa.

  • sendInitialValue [boolean]: if selected, the initial value is sent at the startup.

  • autoSend [boolean]: if selected, the changes of the event counter are sent immediately to the output port