# Protocol SSVEP Train

# Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: DSP and Feauture extraction)

This component is in charge of managing and configuring the SSVEP training recording protocol. It sends out the corresponding SSVEP stimulation frequencies.

Screenshot: ProtocolSSVEPTrain plugin

ProtocolSSVEPTrain plugin

# Requirements

This plugins must be connected to the FlickeringLightStimulator plugin (which triggers the external SSVEP stimulation panels) or to the SSVEPStiumlator plugin.

# Output Port Description

  • StimFrequency [integer]: Current stimulation frequency in Hz under test.
  • Freq2 [integer]: Background stimulation frequency in Hz for panel 2.
  • Freq3 [integer]: Background Stimulation frequency in Hz for panel 3.
  • Freq4 [integer]: Background Stimulation frequency in Hz for panel 4.

# Event Listener Description

  • StartProt: Start protocol request.
  • StopProt: Stop protocol request.
  • Continue: Next Stimulation trial request
  • Repeat: Repeat last stimulation trial request.
  • Stop: Abort current stimulation trial request.

# Event Trigger Description

  • StartTrial: Event sent when a stimulation trial starts.
  • StopTrial: Event sent when a stimulation trial ends.
  • StartStim: Event sent when a stimulation period starts.
  • StopStim: Event sent when a stimulation period ends.
  • ReadyStim: EEvent sent 1 second befor the stimulation periods starts.
  • UpdatePanelConfig: Event sent requesting a stimulation panels re-configuration.

# Properties

  • NumRepetitions [integer]: Number of stimulation periods per trial.
  • RepStimDuration [integer]: Stimulation period duration in seconds.
  • RepNonStimDuration [integer]: Non-Stimulation period duration in seconds.
  • freqStim1 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 1 in Hz.
  • freqStim2 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 2 in Hz.
  • freqStim3 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 3 in Hz.
  • freqStim4 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 4 in Hz.
  • freqStim5 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 5 in Hz.
  • freqStim6 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 6 in Hz.
  • freqStim7 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 7 in Hz.
  • freqStim8 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 8 in Hz.
  • freqStim9 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 9 in Hz.
  • freqStim10 [integer]: Stimulation frequency number 10 in Hz.
  • RandomizeFreq [boolean]: Randomize stimulation frequencies order.