# IIRFilter

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: DSP and Feature Detection)

This plugin provides adjustable Infinite Impulse Response Filters, based on the Java DSP Library: http://www.source-code.biz/dsp/java (opens new window)

Screenshot: IIRFilter plugin

IIRFilter plugin

# Input Port Description

  • in [double]: The signal to be filtered

# Input Port Description

  • out [double]: The filtered signal
  • magnitude [double]: the magnitude of the filtered signal in the selected passband (only calculated if the passType = bandpass !)

# Properties

  • passType [integer] (combobox selection): can be lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop

  • characteristicType [integer] (combobox selection): can be butterworth, bessel or chebyshev

  • order [integer]: the filter order (values from 1 to 12 recommended)

  • samplingFrequency [integer]: the sampling rate of the input signal

  • fc1 [double]: corner frequency (lower corner frequency for bandpass filter)

  • fc2 [double]: higher corner frequency (ignored in case of highpass or lowpass types)

  • ripple [double]: the passband ripple supression, must be a negative value (only for chebyshev types, ignored for other types)