# EventCascade

# Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Event and String Processing)

The EventCascade component can be used to generate a sequence (or loops) of events with selectable delay times. The sequence can be started and stopped via incoming events.

Screenshot: EventCascade plugin

EventCascade plugin

# Event Listener Description

  • nextEvent: Triggers the next event in the event cascade (with wrap-around)
  • previousEvent: Triggers the previouse event in the event cascade (with wrap-around)
  • startCascade: Starts the event sequence
  • startCascade: Stops the event sequence
  • reset: Sets the next event number to zero (first in the sequence)

# Event Trigger Description

  • trigger1 - trigger15: The available event trigger outputs

# Properties

  • activeTriggers [integer]: How many event triggers are active (defines the wrap-around)
  • loops [integer]: How many loops will be performed before the event sequence stops (0=endless loop)
  • autoStart [boolean]: Defines if the event cascade will be automatically started at model startup
  • delayBeforeTrigger1 - delayBeforeTrigger15[integer]: Delay time before the corresponding trigger event is created