# IrMicro

# Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Home Control)

The IRMicro plugin connects to a Microcontroller via a COM port in order to receive and sent infrared (IR-) remote control commands (raw timing values). The values are stored in (or loded from) .csv file (one file per command, given the command’s name as filename.csv) in the ARE subfolder ./data/processor.IRMicro.

Screenshot: IrMicro plugin

# Requirements

A connection to a microcontroller running the IrMicro firmware is required. The IrMicro firmware is provided in folder /CIMS/IrMicro. This firmware is an Arduino Sketch for record/replay of infrared commands. Connect a TSOP module (e.g. TSOP4838) to pin 11 and an IR led with current-limiting resistor to send pin of a compatible microcontroller (for examle pin 3 for the Arduino Uno). For a list of compatible controllers and default send pins see: IR-Remote Github repository (opens new window).

# Input Port Description

  • sendName[string]: A string which contains a known command name. The existing (recorded) commands are stored in .csv files in the folder ARE/data/processor.IRMicro. If the command file is found, the stored timing codes are replayed by the connected microcontroller

  • recordName[string]: A string which contains the name of a command which shall be recorded. The microcontroller is put into recording mode and waits (until a given timeout) for an IR code to be received via the TSOP module. After a command has been recorded, the codes are stored in a .csv file (filename is the command name) in the folder ARE/data/processor.IRMicro.

# Output Port Description

  • receivedName[string]: If a known IR command has been received via the microcontroller’s TSOP module, the command name is put out on this port as a string
  • receivedHex[string]: The timing values of a known or unknown command are sent to this output port as a string

# Event Listener Description

  • clearAll: all stored IR-commands are cleared.
  • clearLast: the last recorded IR-command is cleared.

# Event Trigger Description

  • recordFinished: a new command was recorded successfully.
  • recordTimeout: the timeout value was reched when trying to record a new command.

# Properties

  • ComPort[string]: The name of the Comunication port which shall be opened in order to communicte with the microcontroller.
  • Timeout[integer]: The timeout for recording a new IR-command (in milliseconds).