# SerialSender

Component Type: Processor (Subcategory: Serial Communication)

The Serialsender can be used to send structured data to Serial devices. It has 16 data slots. Whenever a send event occurs the plugin sends every slot which is active to the device, beginning with slot0

Screenshot: SerialSender plugin

SerialSender plugin

# Input Port Description

  • slot0 - slot15 [int]: Input data for each slot. The lower 8 Bit of the input will be sent when the slot is set Active and a send event occurs

# Properties

  • COMPort [string]: Defines the COM Port of the target serial device. e.g. COM0
  • BaudRate [integer]: Defines the Baudrate for the communication. It must match the baudrate of the target device
  • **Slot[0-15] [int]😗*Defines the default value of a slot. This value will be overridden if there is data available at the corresponding input slot
  • **Slot[0-15]Active [boolean]😗*Activate a Slot. Whenever a send event occurs the SerialSender will iterate over all Slots beginning with slot 0 and send the data of every Active Slot
  • **Slot[0-15]Delay [int]😗*Defines the delay the plugin should wait before sending data to a slot.